Maniapoto Research and Communications Platform Survey #2 Results

In our most recent survey we asked what our people thought were the best ways to communicate with our people.We also asked what grants and distributions the Maniapoto Māori Trust Board and Maniapoto Fisheries Trust should consider.We're pleased to advise a report on this survey's results is now attached for your information.Questions raised in Survey 1 and 2 will [...]

Te Pūtake o te Riri – He Rā Maumahara ki Taranaki 2019

TE PŪTAKE O TE RIRI, HE RĀ MAUMAHARA KI TARANAKI 2019 All have been invited to attend the National Commemoration Day, He Rā Maumahara ki Taranaki, to commemorate the New Zealand land wars in Taranaki. The Maniapoto Māori Trust Board has organised a bus to travel down to Taranaki for Maniapoto whānau who would like [...]

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