The Maniapoto Māori Trust Board (the Board) was established under the Maniapoto Māori Trust Board Act 1988 (the Act) The role and function of the Board has been set down in the Act and this gives the Board the legal mandate to work on behalf of, and represent, the “Maniapoto Tribe”. That is, the Board is the only existing governance entity for Ngāti Maniapoto and the legal voice of the iwi. This means that the Board is the only iwi authority in Ngāti Maniapoto that can represent Ngāti Maniapoto in national matters affecting iwi Māori such as the fisheries settlement.

Statistics maintain that a large section of Ngati Maniapoto people continue to occupy a low socio-economic position, and to help improve their well-being the Board has taken an holistic approach to health, employment, education, housing, social services, land claims, kaumātua and rangatahi.

The Maniapoto Māori Trust Board 20th Anniversary Celebrations 1989 – 2009

By William Wetere

This brief history is dedicated to those Trustees who have now passed.

Canon Rua Anderson
Rev Bob Emery
Sister Heeni Wharemaru
Richard Rangitaawa
George Warren


The Board is made up of 15 Trustees:

Seven trustees are appointed by the seven MMTB regional management committees (RMCs)
One appointment per RMC
One trustee is appointed by the Kaumātua Kaunihera
One trustee is appointed by Kiingi Tuheitia and six trustees are elected by those eligible to vote on the electoral roll i.e. the tribal register



Keith Ikin

Chairman – Generally Elected

John Kaati

Deputy Chairman – Ngā Tai ō Kāwhia RMC representative

Barney Manaia

Nehenehenhui  RMC representative

Bella Takiari-Brame

Generally Elected

Daniel Te Kanawa

Generally Elected

Derek Wooster

Generally Elected

Glenn Tootill

Generally Elected

Miria Tauariki

Te Arikinui representative

Muiora Barry

Mokau Ki Runga  RMC representative

R Tiwha Bell

Kaumātua  Kaunihera representative


Rereahu  RMC representative

Ronald Takerei

Hauauru ki Uta  RMC representative

Tame Tuwhangai

Tuhua Hikurangi  RMC representative

Weo Maag

Te Tokanganui a Noho  RMC representative

Wikitōria Tāne

Generally Elected

Name Representation
Bella Takiari-Brame Chairperson, MMTB/MFT Appointed trustee
Glenn Tootill Director, MMTB/MFT Appointed trustee
Chris Koroheke Director
Naomi Hughes Director
Hohepa Rauputu

Tony Magner


General Manager