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Te Kupenga o Maniapoto Limited – Independent Directors

  • Iwi asset holding company
  • Commercial fisheries focus
  • Contribute to the future of Maniapoto


Ngāti Maniapoto is a vibrant pre-settlement iwi based on the west coast of the Central North Island. Te Kupenga o Maniapoto Limited (Te Kupenga) is the commercial entity and asset holding company that governs the current commercial assets of Maniapoto Māori Trust Board (MMTB).  As Maniapoto prepares for the finalisation of its settlement and the changes this will require, it is seeking to appoint three independent directors to the Te Kupenga board.

We are seeking candidates with broad commercial governance experience and knowledge in PSGE establishment including the transition process and financial structure and/or the fisheries and seafood industry.  A depth of experience to contribute around the board table during a time of transition, while holding true to the values and philosophy of Maniapoto is essential.

The board currently holds four meetings a year in Hamilton and these are paid positions.


“A muri kia mau ki tēnā, kia mau ki te kawau mārō, whanake ake, whanake ake.”

For more information please contact Amy Tea at amy@amytea.co.nz.

To apply send your cover letter and CV to apply@amytea.co.nz.

Applications close Friday 6 November 2020.

Te Kawenata Awards 2020



The Kawenata Awards is a prestigious event that celebrates contribution and achievement across all sectors of Te Nehenehenui.  It is also the symbolic flagship of the 1904 Kawenata (Covenant) of Ngāti Maniapoto me ōna hapū maha inaugurated at the Māhoenui residence of Te Rangituataka Tākerei on Friday 1st January 1904.

The awards are open to affiliates of Ngāti Maniapoto me ōna hapū maha living locally and globally and all nationalities residing within the Te Nehenehenui region since the 1st of December of the previous awards event.

Are now open and close 5pm Sunday 8th November 2020.  All nominations will be assessed by a panel of judges and all finalists will be notified by email.

Award Categories
The five principle-based categories are Aroha, Whakapono, Ture, Māoritanga and Kotahitanga.  Within the 5 categories are 5 primary sections.


Nomination Form can be found here:  Click here


Aroha Awards
Defined by individuals who are regarded considerate and respectful.  These are individuals who contribute in meaningful ways and preserve dignity and integrity of oneself and others.  Individuals can be nominated in,
Security: Wardens, Mediation, Police
Hospitality: Wharekai, Catering, Accommodation
Community Services: Librarian, Museum, Information Centre
Early Childhood: Kōhanga, Early Learning Centre
Environment: Land, Ocean, Forest, Air

Whakapono Awards
Defined by individuals who are spirited and trustworthy.  These are individuals who see beyond the present time and devote time and energy unconditionally.  Individuals can be nominated in,
Research: Genealogy, History, Taonga Preservation & Restoration
Administration: Office, Tribal, Marae
Astronomy: Science, Matariki, Meteorological
Agriculture: Farming, Horticulture, Hydroponic
Sport: Physical Activity, Inclusive Activity, Traditional Sport, Recreation

Ture Awards
Defined by individuals who can collaborate and navigate.  These are individuals who generate relationships and remain honest and impartial always.  Individuals can be nominated in,
Industrial: Entrepreneur, Business, Management, Trade
Education: Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Alternative
Politics: Tribal Governance, Local Governance, National Governance
Medical: General Practitioner, Hospital, Neurosurgeon, Plastic Surgery
Emergency Services: Ambulance, Fire, Police, Earthquake, Tsunami, Search & Rescue.

Māoritanga Awards
Defined by individuals who are dedicated practitioners in their field.   These are individuals who maintain traditional and contemporary principles and personify their practises endlessly.  Individuals can be nominated in,
Creative Arts: Raranga, Whakairo, Visual Arts, Photography
Ambassadorial: Te Reo, Tikanga, Legislation, Religious
Hunting & Game: Pig, Deer, Fishing
Oratory: Paepae, Event Presenters, School
Media / Journalism: Paper, Online, On-screen, On-air

Kotahitanga Awards
Defined by individuals who are inclusive and fair minded.   These are individuals who embrace all aspects of life and everything in it and consider the holistic wellbeing of the universe.  Individuals can be nominated in,
Events: Tribal, Urban, Rural
Performing Arts: Group or Individual, Hip hop, Kapa Haka, Band
Martial Arts: Army, Navy, Airforce, Whare Tūtauā
Transport: Railway, Air, Road, Oceanic
Tribal Service: King Movement, Minister, Events, Negotiation

Te Rangituataka Supreme Award
This is the highest award that recognises outstanding performance in leadership.  The successful recipient will be determined by a select group.


For more information please email us at awards@maniapoto.co.nz

18/19 – Abbey Huriwai

Abbey Huriwai (Ngāti Rōrā, Ngāti Kinohaku) has completed her first year of studies towards a Bachelor of Science double majoring in Environmental Science and Ecology and Biodiversity at Te Whare Wānanga o Waikato. Taking interest in environmental sustainability and the damaging impacts facing our taiao, Abbey would like to use her knowledge to assist in improving Maniapoto waterways and native habitat throughout Aotearoa.

“Last year I took part in a project for change within NZ single-use plastic waste, myself and friends/students challenged Mc Donald’s to adopt a “straw on request policy” nationwide. By October 2018 Mc Donald’s announced they would transition to this policy. I learned skills on how to interest large volumes of people via social media and engagement of youth which would be beneficial for community projects ” says Abbey.

18/19 – Tanirau Manwaiti

Tanirau Manawaiti (Ngāti Rōrā), 2018-19 Graymont (NZ) Limited Scholarship ($1000) recipient, has just completed his first year of study towards a Bachelor of Technology (Environmental Technology) at Wintec (Waikato Institute of Technology). Tanirau has always believed that it is important that whānau and the community are involved and should look to take up Applied Science to achieve increased positive outcomes for Ngāti Maniapoto in the area that associates to kaitiakitanga and the taiao.

“I believe that we must get things right in our own backyard first, then success may breed success as positive outcomes can be shared after thorough and tested application locally.” states Tanirau.

18/19 – Amai Tahu

Amai Tahu (Ngāti Paretekawa, Ngāti Waiora, Ngāti Rahurahu) has completed his first year of studies towards He Korowai Akonga: Bachelor of Education (Primary Educaation ) Level 5 program at Te Wānanga o Aotearoa. The Te Kūiti Primary School Haka Teacher has a passion for contributing to and empowering our tamariki through Māori performing arts teaching systems that build the capability of the next generation in Maniapoto values of manaakitanga,
kotahitanga, and aroha.

“Me whakaatuhia ai taku ao, me rongorongo katoatia ai te iwi i aku tōmina, taku kaha ki te manaaki te whakatupuranga mai a ngā tamariki mokopuna kei ngā mahi a Tāne Rore, a Hine Rēhia, ko te ao a Rēhua. Me mōhio ake, ko rātou ngā kākā tarahae o āpōpō, mei kore ko rātou, e kore rawa ahau.’ says Amai.

18/19 – Te Ārita o Ringahora Allen

Te Ārita o Ringahora Allen (Ngāti Apakura), a product of Māori tertiary education systems such as Ngā Taiātea Wharekura, has continued to explore her cultural identity through her studies with He Korowai Akonga: Degree in Teaching Primary Level 7 (Year 1) at Te Wānanga o Aotearoa.

Identifying education as a major access point for all ages, Te Ārita believes that education allows people of all ages, particularly in Maniapoto to seek and gain skills that are needed to excel and gain a greater sense of self and to prosper as Ngāti Maniapoto whānui.

“Our cultural heritage is the biggest foundation on how we as Māori, actively participate within the community and integrating our values with others to better live for ourselves and our people” says Te Ārita.

17/18 – Nukutaiāwhiorangi Waipoua-Bryers

Nukutaiāwhiorangi Waipoua-Bryers(Ngāti Paretapoto, Rereahu) has completed his first year of studies towards a Bachelor of Science (Technology) majoring in Environmental Science and Māori & Indigenous Studies at The University of Waikato. Walking within the science world whilst firmly upholding the importance of mātauranga Māori is crucial for Nukutaiāwhiorangi in this changing world.

“For me, being tangata whenua is part of my cultural identity which connects me as a kaitiaki of my whenua Māori. To maintain the integrity of our whenua and uphold the mana motuhake of our tupuna is my ultimate goal” says Nukutaiāwhiorangi

17/18 – Joanna Nelson

Joanna Nelson (Ngāti Ngutu), 2017-18 Graymont (NZ) Limited Scholarship ($1000) recipient, has just completed her first year of study towards a Bachelor of Environmental and Society (BES) majoring in Water Management at Lincoln University. Joanna has always had a connection with the Taio, consequently, she first established her connection to Maniapoto during the Maahinaarangi me Tuurongo Rangatahi symposium.

“My time with Waikato had enabled me to attend various hui for the West Coast Harbour Claims and I believe there will be much work needed in these areas which I hope to contribute my knowledge gained from our past leaders and university. I chose to study Environment and Society with a Major in Water Management at Lincoln, because I felt that this degree was something that suited my three passion being people, our environment and our waters.” states Joanna.

17/18 – Māria PuTamainu

Māria PuTamainu (Ngāti Rora) has completed her first year of studies towards a Bachelor of Teaching (ECE) program at the New Zealand Tertiary College. The Te Pukeiti Early Childhood Centre (TPECC) Kaikao has a passion for empowering tamariki through interactive teaching systems that focus on supporting the longterm educational aspirations of the next generation.

“I will work in the best interests of our tamariki by affirming Māori learners as tangata whenua and supporting their educational aspirations. I will respect the tamariki and their familial cultural beliefs, which helps build positive, reciprocal relationships.” says Māria

17/18 – Paige Tuheke

This year, MMTB was privileged to be able to provide two Sister Grace Scholarships. These scholarships are each worth a total of $5000 and offered to students studying within the field of education studies at an undergraduate tertiary level.

Paige Tuheke (Ngāti Kinohaku), recently returned to Aotearoa from Australia to continue her studies with a Bachelor of Education (Primary) at Te Wānanga o Aotearoa. As a past student of Te Wharekura o Maniapoto, Paige recognises the key importance of incorporating our Maniapototanga into the everyday teachings and educational curriculum.

“I was very fortunate to be one of the very first tauira of the kura (Te Wharekura o Maniapoto) and from these experiences I gained enough skills, knowledge, and education to help decide what career path I wanted to take, this is when I decided that I would follow my heart and look into teaching” says Paige.