Central North Island (CNI) Settlement – Further Update for Maniapoto Iwi

An update on the CNI settlement of Waituhi/Kuratau and Pureroa South was provided at the
MMTB/MFT hui a Iwi on Saturday 27 May 2016. The update resulted in the following resolutions being

Option A:
That the MMTB propose to Minister Finlayson that the amendment to the CNI Deed between Maniapoto
and the crown be further amended to include the requirement for ratification and the date for this to be
part of the comprehensive settlement and the establishment of the Maniapoto PSGE.

Option B:
That if the Minister does not support Option A then the amendment of the Deed be signed as it is now
and that the Board undertake an internal ratification process within Maniapoto.

As a further update, MMTB has had a discussion with Minister Finlayson and Option B has been

This means that:

  1. The amendment to the CNI deed has been signed.
  2. The Minister of Treaty Negotiations has provided a letter (as attached) confirming his understanding
    of the current situation
  3. Research will continue to be progressed including hui with Maniapoto Iwi with interests in the
    Waituhi/Kuratau and Pureora South blocks
  4. An internal ratification process will be initiated as part of the ratification of the Maniapoto
    Comprehensive Settlement.


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