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Whanganui River Māori Trust Board (WRMTB) signed a Deed of Settlement with the Crown on 5th August, 2014 with respect to the Whanganui River claim, WAI 167. The Deed requires that engagement be carried out with other iwi with interests in the Whanganui River in relation to the implementation of various matters provided for in the deed, including:

  • the appointment of Te Pou Tupua
  • the appointment of Te Karewao
  • the appointment of Te Kōpuka in Te Awa Tupua
  • processes and protocols to apply to the exercise of customary activities

This hui is to provide an opportunity for Maniapoto iwi, particularly those with mana whenua, mana awa interests in catchment areas within the Maniapoto rohe of major tributaries to Whanganui River; to

  1. Reaffirm the formation of a body to engage with the Te Awa Tupua framework and effectively look after Maniapoto interests
  2. Discuss how this body can be supported into the future
  3. Confirm Terms of Reference


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