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We are holding a series of Settlement workshops over the coming month with a particular focus around Cultural Redress.

What is Cultural Redress?

When an iwi progress into negotiations with the Crown due to breaches of the Treaty and its principles, there are usually several components included in a settlement:

  • Crown apology / Historical Account
  • Commercial / Financial Redress
  • Relationship Redress
  • Cultural redress
  • Special Factors


Cultural Redress covers all other interests that are not a part of commercial or financial redress. This could include (but is not limited to) sites/regions/areas that hold spiritual, historical, cultural or traditional significance e.g. wāhi tapu, artifacts, recognition of specific rights to specific geographic sites such as rivers, mountains, waterways or lakes, changes to place names (including physical signage to indicate the change), co-management of resources.

In order to include such areas into the Maniapoto Settlement, these sites need to be identified.

The workshops being held provide an opportunity for all of our people to determine what specific outcomes we would want for cultural redress.

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