The Kawenata Awards is a prestigious event that celebrates contribution and achievement across all sectors of Te Nehenehenui. It is also the symbolic flagship of the 1904 Kawenata (Covenant) of Ngāti Maniapoto me ōna hapū maha inaugurated at the Māhoenui residence of Te Rangituataka Tākerei on Friday 1st January 1904. The awards are open to affiliates of Ngāti Maniapoto me ōna hapū maha living locally and globally and all nationalities residing within the Te Nehenehenui region since the 1st of December of the previous awards event.

The five principle-based categories are Aroha, Whakapono, Ture, Māoritanga and Kotahitanga. Within the five categories are five primary sections.
Aroha Awards – Defined by individuals who are regarded considerate and respectful. These are individuals who contribute in meaningful ways and preserve dignity and integrity of oneself and others.

Whakapono Awards – Defined by individuals who are spirited and trustworthy. These are individuals who see beyond the present time and devote time and energy unconditionally.

Ture Awards – Defined by individuals who can collaborate and navigate. These are individuals who generate relationships and remain honest and impartial always.

Māoritanga Awards – Defined by individuals who are dedicated practitioners in their field. These are individuals who maintain traditional and contemporary principles and personify their practises endlessly.

Kotahitanga Awards – Defined by individuals who are inclusive and fair minded. These are individuals who embrace all aspects of life and everything in it and consider the holistic wellbeing of the universe.

Te Rangituataka Supreme Award
This is the highest award that recognises outstanding performance in leadership. The successful recipient will be determined by a select group.

Project Co-ordinator, Doug Ruki, says that like the Kawenata which was established to unite our people, the Awards is about coming together to celebrate the contributions and achievements of our people across the community.

“Kotahitanga or unity should always be the primary principle or reason for everything that we do, kotahitanga is the key to prosperity,” says Mr Ruki.
The finalist for the 2020 Kawenata awards are:

Aroha Finalist – Section
Steve Rickards – Security
Andy Connors – Security
Te Waina Pou – Early Learning
Leeann Wi – Early Learning
Malia Hehea – Hospitality
Michelle Wi – Environment

Whakapono Finalist – Section
Graeme Plenderleith – Sport
Lesley Elder (nee Katu) – Sport
Pūnui River Care – Agriculture
Kym Tangihaere – Astronomy
Gemma Wright – research
George Te Ruki – Administration

Ture Finalist – Section
Andy Connors – Emergency
Graham Wilshier – Industrial
Wayne Mulligan – Industrial
Laurel Hodgson – Medical
Natasha Willison-Reardon – Education
Annabelle Waugh – Education
Hon. Nanaia Mahuta – Politics

Māoritanga Finalist – Section
Shane Te Ruki – Ambassadorial
Hēmi Kelly – Ambassadorial
Mihingarangi Forbes – Journalism
MFM – Journalism
Annabelle Waugh – Creative Arts
Kingi Turner – Oratory

Kotahitanga Finalist – Section
Taonui Campbell – Tribal
Wiari Pokiha – Tribal
MFM Te Reo o te Iwi – Events
Te Kawaumārō – Events


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