Maniapoto Mandate Inquiry Report released

The Maniapoto Māori Trust Board (MMTB) is pleased the Waitangi Tribunal’s report has agreed that the Crown was correct to recognise it as the appropriate body to hold the settlement mandate for Maniapoto.


Nine WAI claimants took Urgency to the Waitangi Tribunal, resulting in Urgency Hearings being held in July earlier this year. Since then, a number of those Wai Claimants withdrew their application and are working with MMTB (the mandated Iwi authority) to progress negotiations with the Crown. With the report now released, MMTB will continue to progress the settlement process through to ratification in 2020 and provide the people of Te Nehenehenui with a choice and opportunity to make a decision on a proposed settlement.


MMTB Chairman, R.Tiwha Bell is also pleased that other matters they raised have been acknowledged, such as the recognition of the distinct and important claims of Ngāti Apakura. “We are committed to the process of ongoing dialogue and engagement with our people, including those that brought urgent claims before the Waitangi Tribunal. With the support of the Kaumātua Kaunihera to progress settlement negotiations, we remain confident that kotahitanga is key in order to get the best outcome for our people. A muri kia mau ki tēnā, kia mau ki te kawau māro, whanake ake, whanake ake.”


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