• Focus on long term whānau well-being;
  • Maximize and leverage our co-investment opportunities through strategic partnering, collaboration and innovation to realise Maniapoto whānau aspirations;
  • Measure, monitor and advocate for improvements in the short term through our relationship with the Crown;
  • Enable regional development for Maniapoto through infrastructure investment, employment creation, and empowering enterprising whānau;
  • Advocate across all areas of local and central government policy and representation.

Tahua Projects

2019-20 Highlights & Milestones

  • Continued to develop the detail of redress outlined in the Agreement in Principle (signed in 2017)
  • Overlapping interest discussions with neighbouring iwi/hapū continued
  • Historical Account complete
  • Engagement with local government and Crown agencies
  • Increased online engagement including live Q&A sessions
  • Significant progress in the development of the relationship redress and agreements

2018-19 Highlights & Milestones

  • NZGB recommendations accepted by thr Minister for Land Information for the following name changes/corrections
    • Benndaye to Maniaiti / Bennydale
    • North Island Main Trunk Railway (within Maniapoto area of interest) to Te Ara-o-Tūrongo
  • Significant progress in development of historical account and statements of association
  • Engagement with neighboring iwi/hapū groups regarding negotiation matters
  • Continued to develop the detail of redress outlined in the Agreement in Principle (signed in 2017)
  • Glenn Tootill appointed as negotiator alongside Mook Hohneck
  • Two Urgency Hearings held
  • Relationship redress and agreements continued
  • Engagement with local government and Crown agrencies
  • 20 Iwi-wide Engagement hui held

2016 – 17 Highlights & Milestones

4 Capacity and Capability Workshops

  • Manuku Honey
  • Housing
  • Land block assessment
  • Funding workshops

4 Project Programme Reports completed

  • Maniapoto Housing project
  • Marae Development project
  • Manuka Honey Project
  • Land block assessment project

2016 – 17 Highlights & Milestones


  • Report completed which identified a strategy and area for the advancement of Maniapoto wellbeing through housing
  • Papakainga Wānanga Series undertaken

Funding Sessions

2 Trust Waikato Funding Sessions

The Maniapoto Economic Research and Innovation Committee (MERIC) was established in August 2013 – Focus:

  • To support the Board in making prudent decisions around strategic initiatives in economic research and innovation
  • To identify and promote education, economic growth and development opportunities for Maniapoto uri, whānau, hapū and iwi

Ngā Aho Rangahau ō Maniapoto – Threads of Research (NAROM)

NAROM Symposium Speakers 20 July 2015

NAROM Symposium Speakers 20 July 2015

Nga Aho Rangahau ō Maniapoto (NAROM) is a core part of the Maniapoto Māori Trust Board strategic commitment to grow a strong and vibrant Maniapoto economy and assist in realising the economic potential of Maniapoto.

The intent of the MMTB is to work collaboratively with participating Crown Research Institutes and administrators of Maori Land interests within the Maniapoto rohe, who share the aspiration of optimising their economic potential and thereby contribute to enhancing the Maniapoto economy.