If you are not registered you can still vote by way of special vote using a special voting pack. You will need to complete a registration or verification form (which verifies your whakapapa and eligibility to vote).

Special votes can be cast at any of the ratification information hui or by contacting the independent election company (Electionz at iro@electionz.com). For your special vote to be counted, your registration or verification must be confirmed. You will not need to register on the MMTB Tribal Register to cast a special vote but you will be required to fill in a whakapapa verification form to vote.

To request a Special Voting fill in the contact form or download the register to vote form.

complete online special voting form here
Download form

It is your right to make a decision on our future by voting and having your say. This is a significant time for our people and everyone’s
vote counts. We encourage whānau to attend hui, tune in to our livestreams and Q&A sessions via the MMTB Facebook page, check out the ratification section on the MMTB website and read through the initialled DOS and PSGE Trust Deed, prior to voting. The ratification hui presentation will also be available to view on the MMTB Website.