Waitangi Tribunal Urgency Hearings took place in July 2019. Live stream links to the hearings are available below. A hearing programme for week one is available here and week two here.



Waitangi Tribunal Urgency Hearings
Hearing dates were:

Weds 10th July
Thurs 11th July
Fri 12th July
Weds 17th July
Thurs 18th July
Fri 19th July


In the Maniapoto Mandate Inquiry Report (December 2019), the Waitangi Tribunal recommended claimants would benefit from clarification of funding available for the removal or amendment process set out in the Maniapoto Deed of Mandate. The document below outlines the steps of the mandate amendment process the Crown would consider funding, who can apply, and at what stage funding will be considered.

Funding withdrawal process steps
Funding for the mandate amendment process will be available for activities described in Section 15 of the Maniapoto Deed of Mandate, such as: giving public notice of the meeting, holding hui, associated administration and travel costs, and conducting any ballot.

Letter from Te Arawhiti can be viewed here.

Please see below documents regarding funding application and guidelines.

Guidelines can be viewed here

Application Form can be found here: Sub-group claimant funding app form


An urgent hearing in the Waitangi Tribunal is one that the Tribunal has granted priority to over other claims waiting to be heard by the Tribunal.  Urgent hearings are often granted to inquire into Crown actions in relation to Treaty settlement matters, given that a settlement is full and final, and often represents a wide group of people.

In 2017, nine applications for urgent claims were filed with the Tribunal regarding the Crown’s actions in recognising the MMTB mandate for Maniapoto.  Those claims were recently granted urgency by the Tribunal so that their claims can be heard urgently and findings/recommendations presented by the Tribunal.

The claims widely relate to the inclusion of certain hapū/whānau groups within the MMTB mandate (claimant definition), the mandate process and the MMTB mandate itself

The Tribunal has the power to make findings regarding Crown breaches and recommendations.  The Crown would then consider what the appropriate next steps are for implementation.  What the appropriate next steps are will be wholly dependent on the Tribunal’s findings.

It is important to note that the MMTB mandate will not be withdrawn directly as a result of any potential Tribunal recommendations.

If the Tribunal ultimately finds that the Crown has complied with its obligations under the Treaty of Waitangi, negotiations will likely continue on the current timeframes subject to any changes to the process proposed by the Crown.  Of course, the parties will consider the Tribunal’s findings – whatever they may be – before moving forward.

No.  At the moment, the Tribunal is hearing claims regarding the MMTB mandate generally.  The Treaty settlement negotiations will continue at this stage, and the claimant definition will also remain the same.

The claims are brought by individual claimants, albeit many are intended as representative claims for wider groups.  If you become aware that there are claims made on behalf of a hapū/rōpū that you also affiliate to, you should feel free to liaise with the claimants or MMTB to ensure any historic evidence matters can be addressed.

No timetable has been set for the urgent hearing and the process leading up to the hearing itself.  It is expected that a hearing will be held in the first half of 2019.  Following that, it will be in the Tribunal’s hands to prepare a report on the urgent claims – timing for that is very uncertain.

Not necessarily.  The timing and progress of negotiations remains a matter for MMTB and the Crown to discuss and agree.

We continue to work toward the initialling of a Deed of Settlement with the Crown.  At this stage, we are looking at early 2020 for the initialling (based on the outstanding matters for negotiation).

Updates regarding settlement matters in general are available on the Trust website and Facebook.  Registered iwi members will also receive regular ePānui and notices of significant changes and/or upcoming hui.

We encourage all iwi members to follow MMTB through these avenues and ensure your contact details are up to date so that we can keep you informed.

The MMTB website includes details of the settlement and supporting documents, which you can check out hereThe Crown website, also includes key settlement documents signed to date, including the Agreement in Principle.  The Agreement in Principle is a significant document which outlines the redress agreed between the parties for inclusion in the settlement.

If you have any queries or pātai, please email us at tiriti@maniapoto.co.nz