From May 1 Rōpū Toru (Group Three)  can chose to go for their vaccination and from June 1 Rōpū Wha (Group Four) can chose to go for their vaccination.

Roopuu Toru (Group Three):

  • These are  aged our pakeke 65+ & people with underlying health conditions & disabilities as these factors mean they are way more likely to get very sick if they catch COVID-19.

  • Adults in custodial settings, as international evidence has shown that COVID-19 can spread quickly between people in custodial settings.

Roopuu Wha (Group Four):

  • Everyone in Aotearoa aged 16 and over.

  • This is when everyone in Aotearoa has the opportunity to protect themselves, their whaanau & communities by getting vaccinated against COVID-19.


We’ll be bringing you range of videos over the coming weeks talking to some of our fave and knowledgeable maatanga (experts) about the vaccine experience. We’ll catch up with whānau in our own backyards telling us what has put them off wanting the vaccine, or why they did decide to get the vaccine. All that and much more coming soon.

To kick this series off, anei a Dr Lily Fraser e koorero ana ki a Patara Berryman. Dr Lily is a senior practitioner with Turuki Health Care in Taamaki ki te Tonga. Lily is a mother, one of the first graduates of Kura Kaupapa Maaori and mixes her moohio of maatauranga Maaori with a depth of practiced knowledge in the medical field. Maataki mai!